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Brian Wilson - Morning Beat

Maw, maw miama glory, Hallelujah
Maw, maw miama glory, HallelujahThe sun burns a hole through the 6 AM haze
Turns up the volume and shows off its rays
Another Dodger-blue sky is crowning L.A.
The City of Angels is rushed every day
That lucky old sun smiles on me
Wanna slide down the mountain to the dancin' seaI'm rockin' to the morning beat
It's risin' from star studded concrete
This city has my favorite soundtrack
It makes you wanna move even though it's laid back
Take it in stride it'll kick start your feet
When you're tuned in to the morning beatDriving through the maze of the Hollywood Hills
Headed to the ocean for a view that would kill
Watching from the Wheel in Santa Monica Pier
A million diamonds floating on heavenly tiers
The gentle wind won't make a sound
Even though it's forcing the waves to crownMaw, maw, miama glory, Hallelujah
Maw, maw, miama glory, HallelujahHear those guitars gently strumminHear the voices softly humminIt's hard to feel down living in this town
But you're so far away
It's a long long way from January
All the way to DecemberEven when the sun and I cannot sleep
There's an unspoken promise that we keep
We'll party all night into another day
And keep the golden glow of L.A.
Even when we are deep in sleep
I'm listenin' for the rhythm of the morning beat
I listen for the mornin' beat
I listen for the mornin' beatMaw, maw, miama glory, Hallelujah
Maw, maw, miama glory, Hallelujah

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Brian Wilson

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